2 thoughts on “Wind

  1. Am Loving your Southwest series And the Graphic. (haven’t tasted all your pages yet..looking forward.) This is a terrific site! Your Blog drew me in as well. Can see why your books are tops! You are a writer. Looking forward to reading ‘ Marcel and Me’ is on amazon- for my kindle.(Rave Reviews!!! )..so is first!
    Plus…You look Vunderbar!
    Thank you for this Journey. Happy Trails Paulette.
    Dora Cornwall


    1. Very dear Dora,

      Please forgive this ridiculously belated response to your kind comments on my website.
      My grandson set up the system for me and I was unaware people could comment so I never checked.
      Your beautiful words make my day!

      May your new year bring all good things! With much love, Paulette


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