In this season of GIVING, I pause to reflect upon the meaning of the word which has now come to be associated with presents tied with a bow, things, stuff. And then there’s the comparison of who gives the biggest and the best gifts, leaving those with less deep pockets feeling inadequate or lesser than.

Giving comes in many forms: there’s the giving of one’s time; there’s the giving of support to a friend or family member in need; there’s the giving of love; the giving of caring, all things that are free, all gifts that come from the heart and are remembered (hopefully) long after other gifts of stuff have been laid aside and forgotten.

I always value the gift of caring most of all. In our consumer culture we’ve come to associate material stuff over the invisible gifts from the heart. It’s not about what something costs that gives it value. It’s about the giving of oneself and the valuing of one another that matters.

Happy holiday!

~~Paulette Frankl


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