The Republican debate and values


I watched the republican debate on September 16th, and here’s what I learned from it:

  • Belittling another candidate does not make you BIG.
  • Just because you say it does not make it True.
  • War is never the way to create peace. There’s only as much peace as there are peaceful people. (I think the Dalai Lama said that.)
  • If we continue to trash the environment: the air we breathe, the earth we depend on for food, resources, the water that is life giving to all forms of life itself, it doesn’t matter how many jobs we create for there will be no life! It’s not about the money, Stupid!
  • The control of a man’s body is not decided by women; why should a woman’s body be controlled by men?
  • The quickest way for America to have world domination is to give everyone on earth an American passport! Then all immigrants would automatically be legal.
  • The War on Drugs doesn’t work as evidenced by the last 50 years. Face it: It’s really about the untaxable income from the illegal sale of drugs that is the issue. (Which is hypocritical because huge corporations and gadzillionaires don’t pay taxes for their gross fortunes either.) The misuse of drugs is another matter altogether which stems from the fact that ours in a culture of addictions, drugs being just one of them: how about caffeine, alcohol, tobacco, sex, greed, and power! Our economy thrives on addiction. It is the foundation of consumerism. A well-balanced person doesn’t have rapacious cravings for more, more, more.
  • Honoring and respecting the dignity of each person and learning to articulate our differences will do more for world peace than all the bombs, nukes, and drones combined. We are the ONLY species who kills our own kind and destroys the planet for greed and power, and what’s more, doesn’t notice or care.
  • Everything can be said to be infectious: pain, hate, and fear breeds more pain, hate and fear, whereas, respect and caring and dare I say love breeds betterment every time.
  • Jeb Bush said in the debate that his brother George W. “kept us safe.” Are you kidding me??? Jeb may have his head in the sand or lost his memory from smoking pot, but nothing could be farther from the truth! George W. brought us 9/11 – which from the footage that I’ve seen gives every indication of being an “inside job” but regardless of that, was certainly a ploy contrived to bomb bomb bomb Iraq from which Halliburton –a Bush crony– profited greatly. All our weapons inspectors verified that there were NO WEAPONS of mass destruction! The American people were flat out lied to by the Bush administration because without 9/11 they never would have allowed this war. George W. did absolutely NOTHING when he got word of the bombings of the Twin Towers for a full 45 minutes after the call, in spite of the fact that the US military is ready to take action within a moment’s notice. This was an unnecessary war which greatly depleted our economy not to mention destroyed thousands upon thousands of lives – millions if you include Iraqui lives. The only reason that border control is in the forefront at all is because “W.” did NOTHING to secure the borders after 9/11. “W.” was the problem not the solution to anything! Then he brought us the economic downfall of 2008 with its world wide repercussions that are still reverberating today. And don’t forget Hurricane Katrina and the travesty of FEMA with “W’s” Arabian horse crony Michael Brown, appointed to head the organization, who made matters worse not better. What the hell kind of track record of “Keeping America safe” is that??? “W.” gave us the Patriot Act whereby our government spies on its own citizens and covers up such actions.

As a voter, I want a leader who is forthright, a person of deep humanity and caring for the citizens of this country in all walks of life, and the world at large, not just more money for the rich made from the backs of the poor; I want a person who cares about the environment, climate change, who is a steward of the earth not a plunderer for personal gain. I want someone who treats women as vital to life, as equal in the work place, with fair and equal wages, good job opportunities, free healthcare for all, and affordable education; someone who values the stewardship of nature, national parks, forests, rivers, oceans, wild horses, wild burros and the bees.

America is nothing if not competitive. It always wants to be #1. Well then, let us lead the world in solar, wind and wave energy; let us restore our vast amount of plastic waste into oil; let us lead in getting off fossil fuels; let us lead in diplomacy, in higher consciousness, deeper understanding and caring. Let us obliterate starvation. Let us change our values from rapacious greed and terrible inequity and poverty to working together so that everyone might enjoy basic creature comforts, and economic success. Let us work toward obliterating disease and lead a healthier life style. These things are doable, but it takes a united effort and saying “NO” to the old ways that don’t work. Let education include expanding awareness and valuing creativity. We are all a part of a grand chain link. It’s not about them and us. We ALL are US!

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