The Bachelor in Paradise and Welcome to Hell


Bachelor in Paradise // Welcome to Hell

I’ve just watched the conclusion of “The Bachelor in Paradise”. It should be titled Welcome to Hell, for it is a meat market where the longing of innocence ends up in the jaws of predators. A never ending supply of young attractive people are chosen to go to beautiful resorts in Mexico and bear their souls on national TV in hopes of finding true love! Really?!? What kind of idiot does this? And worse yet, what kind of diabolical ghoul sets such a thing up for millions of watchers to behold as “entertainment’? The feeding of humans to the lions in the Roman Coliseum is the closest analogy I can think of. “Paradise” is our TV version of an emotional feeding-frenzy/blood bath, again and again. And worse yet, I am one of those millions who finds it fascinating to watch. But, in self defense, what I relish even more, is the “After Paradise” part where intelligent people comment on what just came down. However, the deeper and more important issue is, why do I and millions of others find the act of being a voyeur to the pain of others so fascinating? I watch it because I’m of a different generation and I’m interested to know how the youth of today interacts. I had hoped there would be some evolution over the course of 50 years, but I find it’s not all that different from the shallow values of the ’50’s which did change and open up in the ’60’s and 70’s but then snapped back again. My own feelings are in tact, and that’s why I have some perspective on this. And what I see is that the youth of today has sold out  feelings for the trade off of sensations. Ours is a youth-based culture that is reckless and self-serving. Choosing image over substance, and sensation over feelings has led to a dangerous place where nothing nurtures for nothing is real.

But most important of all is that this show and others like it are a statement of the times we live in, of the desperation of people to find love, and of those who are ready, able and willing to prey on their delectable vulnerability, because pain sells.

Here is my version of Welcome to Hell!
Welcome to Hell! Don’t be afraid. There are no devils here — only friends, family, lovers, spouses and significant others…and certain lawyers whom you’ve hired to protect you. In short, people you’ve cared for and trusted. People with whom you’ve opened and entrusted your heart and soul. People with whom –- for one reason or another– you’ve had a profound falling out. Make yourself comfortable, make yourself at home. Everyone’s a familiar face. Time is not a factor here. Take all the time you need. For here in Hell nothing grows and nothing dies, and every voice that speaks tells lies.

There’s tepid coffee available on the table to stimulate your senses to better appreciate the fact that everyone here is here for a reason: for the abuse of the power of love and trust, for deceitful behavior that is callous, shallow, non-communicative, evasive and always self-serving.

Whereas with your actions in the past, you had the luxury of hiding behind disguises, cop-outs and excuses, here in Hell everything is out in the open, revealed, exposed; everyone is a perpetrator and a spectator. There’s no place to hide. All eyes are watching you. That blinking red light in the corner is a camera. You’re on national TV!

The object of everyday is to have FUN, always at the expense of someone else. The object is to wreak havoc without conscience or concern. To rape, ravage and pillage the souls of one another and to successfully cop-out from any accountability, to shut down to any feelings except those of pleasure or escape. The object is to see who can amass the largest amount of ruination within every given 24 hours. There are no props, no furniture, no fancy clothing, only the deceptions of the mind, of the heart, and of the soul. However, you will be provided with any stimulus you choose to best arrive at these desired goals. The “winner” of each days contest will be awarded with his or her name on that calendar day. Repetitive winners will remain in hell for as long as it takes to learn to feel, to feel the pain of their actions, to feel the pain that their actions have on  others.

No meals will be served, only stimuli. In Hell, nothing nurtures. Your heart will rust shut from the water of your tears and your soul will be sucked dry from the heat of the contest, but none of that will matter to you as you zealously compete for the title of WINNER! — champion of your domain.

This is your own personal Hell.

Welcome to Hell! Enjoy!

~~Paulette Frankl (copyright 2015) Kindly do NOT plagiarize this material. Plagiarism is a form of thievery; it is a violation of the work of another person. It will land you a place in Hell.

I am a bestselling author. If you enjoy my writing, please check out my books, Lust for Justice: The Radical Life & Law of J. Tony Serra; also, Marcel & Me, A Memoir of Love, Lust, and Illusion. Both books are available on Amazon or Barnes&Noble.


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