When I was your age, I thought I was invincible and that Life was my plaything. I thought that I was the cat and that Life was my mouse. I did not take myself or anyone else seriously. My behavior was often very unconscious, hurtful to others, and ultimately harmful to myself. I treated the emotions of people who cared for me as part and parcel of easy come, easy go. I did not grasp the honor of their sincerity, or the dignity of their devotion, the sanctity of their vulnerability, the precious gift of their love. I had the shallow attitude that Life was a dress rehearsal, and that as soon as I got a grasp of the total picture, it – and I – would become real. WRONG! Looking back at all the irresponsible things that I did, and at the wake of havoc and pain that my reckless behavior caused, I realize now that I am lucky to have survived my actions at all, and I am strickened with compassion and remorse for those collateral casualties that fell by my wayside. I had to learn the meaning of Life the hard way: by being hit so hard with pain that I could perceive and honor the pain of others as my own, and not choose to be a perpetrator of more pain by my unconscious actions.

Life is NOT a dress rehearsal! Each day is for real. It is an irreversible experience. It is time that can never be retrieved. Respect the feelings of others as well as yourself. This is the only life you get this time round, and what goes around comes around. Your actions and your words are energy in action. Practice mindful living.

~~Paulette Frankl (copyright 2015)



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