Energy. Some things TAKE energy and some things GIVE energy. The same can be said about people: some take and some give, and some are just a great exchange. You can spend an hour with one person and feel totally revitalized, and that same hour with another person and feel as though you’ve had a visitation with a vampire. It’s important to know the difference and choose who you spend your precious time with, for Life is not a dress rehearsal and time is something you can’t get back. Sometimes, when you’re feeling in the doldrums or lackluster it just takes a kick in the ass to get going. They say, “A kick in the ass is considered a step forward!”

~~Paulette Frankl 8/14/15

Please do not plagiarize my entries. I don’t mind if you quote from them, but please credit the source. No one likes to be ripped off. Thanks!


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