Everybody’s a something-a-holic: Some people are workaholics, others are family-a-holics, others are avoidance-a-holics, or alcoholics, or rage-a-holics, or health-a-holics, or extreme everything-a-holics, or addiction-a-holics or clothes-a-holics, or shop-a-holics, or how ’bout cell phone-a-holics and technology-a-holics, and of course there’s the too much stuff-a-holics, collection-a-holics, noise-a-holics, control-a-holics, greed-a-holics, pain-a-holics, victim-a-holics, power-a-holics, dependency-a-holics, blame-a-holics, hero-a-holics. Ooops! I almost forgot sex-a-holics! It’s a colorful list that has no end. Welcome to the world we live in!

~~Paulette Frankl 8/02/15


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