When in doubt, get more information. Consider the totality of the situation, not just what’s in it for you. Consider the risks, the payoffs, the “price-to-pay” the worst case scenario and the pluses. Weigh the good with the negative. Add up the actual cost involved, monetarily speaking, and when necessary get both professional, legal and business advice.

NEVER make major important decisions when exhausted, burnt out, pissed-off or hurting. Get back on center, then look at the situation from a distant perspective, as though from hindsight, as if remembering it. What would you change?

And when things go RIGHT, process it. We tend to only process the negative. It’s just as important to realize what went right and why? What were your attitudes, how were you feeling, what risks did you take or not take? It’s important to create your own recipe for success.

Do the same with failure: ask what negative attitudes were you projecting? What beliefs and attitudes? What were your feelings at the time? What were your payoffs? Were you coming from desperation, anger, self-pity, control and/or manipulation? Did punishment factor in? Be HONEST! Don’t lie to yourself.

These wisdoms came to me from my life experiences as well as years of personal growth sessions at Esalen Institute in Big Sur CA, and the Lazaris  material in connection with Concept Synergy. May they serve you well as they have and continue to serve me.

~~Paulette Frankl 8/02/15


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