The STUFF of Life

In the pulse of my niece’s memorial, and my cleaning out my storage room to transform it into an AirBnB rental bedroom, I am brought face to face with the STUFF that life is made of. It’s not so much those distant times of moments shared on Occasions of State, or the many merry Christmas Happy Birthday moments, but rather the piles of precious emails saved — too good to discard, the letters too meaningful to toss, the silly photos long forgotten when no one could ever be so young; it’s the irks and pains and horrible fights and proclamations of NEVER AGAIN, and moments so excruciatingly poignant as to bend steely resolve and fill us with tears of gratitude. It’s the laughter at the ridiculous, and the joy of the marvelous. It’s the everyday little things. It’s the too muchness and the not enoughness and the forever reaching for MORE. It’s the simple joys and the eternal clean ups and the beginning anews. This is the precious stuff that our lives are made of. This is our common bond and our place in the chain link that binds us all together. It’s overwhelming and humbling at the same time. Treasure it while you can, for nothing and no one is forever.

~~Paulette Frankl



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