Relationships! Everyone wants one; few people know how to cultivate a good one.

Relationships are a passion of mine. I’ve run the gamut of doing everything wrong and as a result have come to know a lot about them. Of course, first and foremost, both parties have to feel ready to jump into the word “Commitment” because without that — whatever it means to the people involved — nothing grows or deepens or goes anywhere, and without direction, relationships will stagnate. I call that kind of stagnation the “death zone.” Basically, relationships are so vital and alive that if you’re not growing toward one another you’re growing apart from one another.

If you long to have a relationship, you must make the time and space for one to manifest in your life. You must cultivate and nurture it with love and caring.

Key to keeping a relationship alive is communication and trust. Without those two things you’re in trouble. Communication is the fuel that drives a relationship forward. You wouldn’t drive your car without gas, and you can’t expect your relationship to go anywhere without communication. And without trust, forget it. You are an accident waiting to happen. Oh! And did I mention vulnerability? Without vulnerability, you’re just boinking along like rocks in a rock tumbler. Be ready to get into the proud flesh of the matter for therein lies your humanity, without which relationships can become cold-hearted and monstrous.

More on all of this next time. Send me questions of where you’d like me to go with this.


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