Good information from Tom Lescher


There are times when information comes to me that is so perfectly stated that I just want to write it down and pass it along to others. This quote from astrologer Tom Lescher is exactly that:

“The source of all disease and all problems is blocked emotions. What came first, the thought or the feeling? We know that feelings trigger thoughts, and we know that thoughts trigger feelings. And we have many, many, many, many thoughts, and these many thoughts go faster than what we can consciously think. So there are a lot of thoughts that become unconscious, and they trigger emotions and feelings (around) past issues. So there is a need to go inward: Introversion: my inner child, my inner feelings, my inner needs, my inner memories. And it’s like (at the same time) we’re getting assaulted by Pluto saying “Come OUT!” “Go to work!” “Do your duty!” “Produce!” “Show up in the outside world”, while we’ve got all this stuff going on inside of us (and the result is) displaced anger. We have these feelings come up and we’re in a state of sensitivity, and the best thing to do now is to realize and have mercy on yourself and give yourself room and give yourself space to feel your feelings, and at the same time, realize that (the irritating distractions that life deals out are not the real issue). This is a time to go in(ward). There is this need at this time to feel our emotions and to still our emotions, our feelings, our needs, our fears, our sensitivities and (to accept) them as very important, beautiful, powerful aspects of ourselves, of our human nature that give us the capacity and the ability to LOVE! Love as redemption.

It’s only through a place of forgiveness and acceptance that we can come into a place of compassion with ourselves, and stop blaming the outside world and other people. That’s how we let go of the anger and the frustration of the energy around the past, and free ourselves and the world – clean the slate, so that we can start again in a beautiful way: new and clean. So clean it up, finish it up in order to move forward.

–Tom Lescher

Astrology for the Soul



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