I’ve just gone through a tough week with a lot of anger in it both from myself and the person with whom I was working. I find it helps to know that at the bottom of anger is HURT. If you want to understand the anger you need to understand the hurt, which is often the result of suppression of a deeper wound.  Now compassion can begin to come into the mix, and that’s always a good thing.

There’s a lot to be learned from anger. I saw in this experience my own ancient insecurities which are now no longer valid; now every time they become recognizable I can let them go. I just say  “Thank you. I don’t need you anymore.” And I press an imaginary delete button and imagine them vanishing.

If this anger is about a relationship you care very much about and is worth saving, FIGHT FOR IT! (It’s better to be happy than right.) Say, “What can I do RIGHT NOW to make this better?” And LISTEN with every fiber in your body.

Good luck!  <IMG_0039.jpg>

If you like my writing, please consider reading my book Marcel & Me A Memoir of Love, Lust, and Illusion available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. It’s rich in relationship issues.


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