The news hurts to hear. The world is becoming a blood fest of anger and fear vs the power of people acting out and wielding their might because they can. What has happened to our HUMANITY? Whatever became of compassion and understanding?

I am proud to say that both my books, Lust for Justice, and Marcel & Me are all about returning the reader to their humanity. Tony Serra, the great criminal defense lawyer, has dedicated his life to being the mouthpiece for the downtrodden, the ones that society crush, who have no voice of their own in the courts in this “land of the free” and culture of alleged “equality for all”. Marcel Marceau, the great French mime, was above all a great humanitarian. In WWII he risked his life again and again to save hundreds of young Jewish children from certain death at the hands of the Gestapo by teaching them the basics of mime which is silence, and posing as a scout leader to lead them out of the storm clouds of France into the safety of Switzerland. Onstage, his skits were filled with the portrayals of ego run amok, ambition, arrogance, power, insecurity and ultimately, the restoration of one’s humanity.

Never have we needed more to be reminded of our humanity than now when power, endless wars, rampant greed and dreadful inequalities reign supreme. Power, greed and destruction are not the way to evolving as a species.

If you like my writing, I’m sure you will enjoy these books.



Lust for Justice, and Marcel & Me deal with these matters in-depth. Both books are also filled with humor, honesty and compassion – qualities we need to exercise a lot more.


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